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The impact of the pandemic accelerated  the ongoing trend of E-commerce Shopping for the UK’s most prestigious brand.

Harrods, one of the largest and most famous high street department  stores recognised the need to re-focus their entire E-commerce and  home delivery operations from both their store in Knightsbridge and purpose built distribution centre in Thatcham, Berkshire.

Standing Meeting

​Harrods aligned with the Zeus team to assess, evaluate & review their packaging process needs with several key objectives highlighted:

  • Ensure service levels met high expectations of shoppers engaging with a prestigious retail brand.

  • To drive their sustainability strategy, removing plastic completely from their packaging.

  • To drive productivity and cost efficiencies throughout their pack process operation.

  • To improve the customer ‘Un-Boxing’ experience.

  • Optimise their overall use of packaging integrating class leading packaging options.

  • To ensure packaging worked harder for their brand.

The Zeus Key Account Management team partnered Harrods stakeholders to understand historical pack process and investigate improvements in efficiencies, how to unlock value and enhance customer experience whilst ultimately reducing costs. Approaching the entire strategy with continuous improvement principles, our Six Sigma and Lean Management trained  team set about making small adjustments, working alongside, and assisting Senior Management, Team Leaders and packaging staff to affect the process of change.


Small fixes allowed 50,000 more parcels to be processed in xmas peak compared to the previous year using less staff.

By implementing simple fixes and reorganising existing pack benches such as providing carton toast racks to house the most used sized cartons, to carton shadow boards that allowed temporary workers to select the right sized carton within seconds. These quick fixes allowed Harrods operation team in peak 2021 to pack and send 50,000 more parcels v’s the same time the previous year with only half the number of temporary workers required and an eradication of the need for external fulfilment partners. A huge efficiency gain and cost saving. 

Outstanding customer experience is paramount to Harrods and therefore an update of existing carton styles included an easy tear opening and a branded internal carton.  

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